The Amish seem to have a natural way of treating physical problems. We might look at their Inexpensive and natural solutions, and consider them as alternative treatments to avoid expensive needless drugs.

The Amish put castor oil on warts, eat cranberry pills for bladder infections, blueberries for diarrhea, moldy bread ( which has PCN) for infections, and use Kaopectate clay for their face.

For rejuvenation, they chew on ginseng root, put white sugar on acne zits, and chew honeycomb honey for their sinuses. To remove age spots, they applied ginseng, licorice, and bilberry. Warts are removed by rubbing them with raw potato peelings, and soaking the warts with castor oil, baking soda, dandelion juice, white chalk, and garlic.

When constipated, they eat olive oil, flaxseed, and take Metamucil. They increase their rough it with oatmeal, shredded coconut, almonds and pecans, vegetable oils and brown sugar on toast. If they have colic, they avoid onions, black pepper, white flour, fried and pickled foods. They drink a lot of grapefruit juice, peppermint tea with honey, and put slippery elm powder in hot milk.

If they have diarrhea, blueberries are eaten, and they drink tea made from Caraway seeds. Colic is relieved by drinking apple juice, aloe vera, and going on a grape diet for three days. Hemorrhoids are treated with a pound of alum put in a sitz bath. If there is suspicion of parasites, pumpkin seeds, garlic and sauerkraut juice are eaten, followed by a bedtime snack of dried peaches and spicy chili con carne. For gall bladder problems, olive oil, mixed with lemon juice and a teaspoon of parsley, are ingested.

For nail fungus, they soak their peak in vinegar and baking soda, apply lard, powdered eggshells, wash with boric acid, and finally rinsed with musk melon. If they have corns, they soaked in vinegar and tape lemon peels on the corn overnight.

To aid their immune system they eat garlic and yogurt. Seaweed is eaten for its iodine, okra for calcium, garlic for sulfur and selenium, grape juice for its potassium, ginseng root is chewed for rejuvenation. An abundant amount of alfalfa sprouts, sunflowers, radish, wheat grass, rye, corn, rice, and peas are eaten. In the winter, fresh fruits are eaten in abundance and red clover tea is drunk.

For aching muscles, they bathe in Epson salts and add some dry mustard. For water retention and edema, a gallon of apple cider is made with horseradish, parsley, mustard seeds and juniper berries added.( 2 tablespoons are taken four times a day).

For coughs, they gargle a syrup of honey, and vinegar, take castor oil lemon juice and honey daily, sip pineapple juice regularly, and apply browned fried onions d on their chest. For colds, they apply Vicks camphor, and drink brown sugar with peppermint and honey. If there is hiccups, canned pineapple juice with a teaspoon of peanut butter is drunk.

As a deodorant, they use vegetable oil mixed with cornstarch and bicarbonate soda and apply to the armpits. If they have bad breath, they chew on anise seeds after meals, and take five charcoal tablets to help their stomach.

To purify their blood, they drink unsweetened Concorde grape juice, beet juice in lemonade, and fast for a while. To help circulation, they drink Hawthorn berry tea and eat cayenne peppers. To cure bad breath, spinach, kale, collard the greens and broccoli are eaten. For stomach acidity, Kiwi, papaya and pineapple’s are eaten for their digestive enzymes.

For burns, they apply: jelly from aloe plants, honey, and tea from a cheese plant (common mallow). If there is bleeding, they soaked the wound with wood ashes, apply grated onion, powdered alum, and vinegar to coat the wound, and cover the wound with a brown bag soaked and vigor and hydrogen peroxide.

For skin lesions, fresh grated papaya is taped to the sore, and apply a poultice of fresh figs soaked in milk is applied. If the skin is itchy, it is rubbed with the inside of a banana, lemon, or orange skin. If the skin is ulcerated, a poultice of sugar, lanolin, and benzoic tincture are massaged into the lesion.

Bee stings are treated with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, and covered with cornstarch: oatmeal in a cheesecloth soaked in warm water for 15 minutes is often also applied. If there hives, catnip leaves are put in boiling water strained, and applied to the lesions.

For eczema, fish oil is applied to the skin, and goats milk is drunk. For freckles, buttermilk or horseradish in cornmeal is applied to the part. If the skin is dry, glycerin, alcohol, and quince seed in boiling water is the solution. This is followed by cocoa butter with lanolin, rosewater, elderflower water, and glycerin. Often, cornstarch with evaporated milk is put to the face and allow to dry.

To help the memory, hazelnuts, green pepper and muskmelon seeds are eaten. Ginkgo biloba is taken along with teas from licorice roots and marigold. To help the mood, the body is alkalinized by eating more vegetables, taking calcium, and ginger tablets. If there is a sugar problem, oatmeal, dried beans, apples and artichoke seemed to be the answer. For alcoholic problems, a tablespoon of olive oil before drinking seems to stop the cravings-- glutamine is also taken five times a day.

For sore eyelids, a warm camphor tea bag Is applied, and elderberry blossom tea is used as an eyewash. If there is a vision problem, a raw potato in a cloth, is applied over the eyes. For ear aches, 1 tablespoon of olive oil with molasses is put in the ear. If there is fever, one beaten egg white with a teaspoon of sugar in a glass of water is drunk. For canker sores, sage tea, powdered goldenseal, and lanolin are applied.

For hair problems, three egg whites are beaten and rubbed into the scalp for three minutes. Natural coconut oil is often added if there is dandruff. If the hair is thinning, Aloe Vera is applied to the scalp, and zinc supplements are ingested.

If there is joint pain, Aloe Vera juice is drank, alfalfa seeds are eaten, goat milk is drunk, and cod liver oil is taken daily. The joints are rubbed with olive oil, ammonia, and Wintergreen. Sugar, pork, strawberries, eggplant, green peppers tomatoes, add potatoes are eliminated from the diet. 24 aspirin tablets are dissolved in rubbing alcohol with some wintergreen solution and applied to the joint. Cider vinegar with caynne pepper boiled for 10 minutes is also applied at times.

For heart problems, they eat apples and asparagus daily, drank cider vinegar with honey, drink a couple tablespoons of wine soaked wood beets, eat black strap molasses, Sesame seeds with honey in a ball, take vitamins, and avoid peanuts.

For urinary problems, they drink cucumber juice, tea from avocado leafs, cranberry juice, and eat pumpkin seeds. If there is prostate trouble, they take saw palmetto, roasted pumpkin seeds, sink and peppermint tea. For infertility problems,in seeds and zinc supplements are again taken, with alfalfa sprouts and carrot seed oil daily.


Perhaps we should revisit the natural healing techniques of the Amish. They seem to make it work without drug industry products. 12.14.11


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