Bioenergy involves all cosmic energies including: natural, electrical, magnetic, and light energy; It also includes the earth’s radiations that are absorbed by all our life. Distorted bio-energy that is blocked becomes unblocked by medical acupuncture,. All aspects of our life are expanded and contracted in polarized natural rhythm, which the Chinese call “yin and yang”. Proper polarization of both positive and negative charges maintain your body in health and harmony within environment. Polarization requires the ability to absorb sunlight and distribute this sunlight energy. Your environment when altered, can disturb your normal bioenergetic polarization and also disrupt your nervous and hormonal systems.

Through medical acupuncture, distorted bio-energy that is blocked becomes unblocked. Your life is guided by specific frequencies and wavelengths of energy that come from the sun, cosmic radiation, and the earth’s magnetic fields as they penetrate our nervous systems. Natural light is a necessary steering mechanism that helps adapt your glandular systems. Changes in the magnetic fields of the earth, sun, and moon, cause changes in our weather, our crops, growth in our animals and even in our human behavior. These background radiations help guide the “swallows to Capistrano” every year.

In primitive times, our clothing and building materials were made of natural substances. Homes were open and less dense since straw, bricks, stones, and earth products were used. We were then in resonance and in harmony with nature: our homes were penetrated by only normal sunlight, cosmic, and atmospheric radiation. As our civilization progressed, we fabricated materials that increasingly blocked our natural interaction with our polarized surroundings. We lost this intimate connection and grounding with the earth and the outdoors, when we polarized our buildings with materials made of chemicals and synthetic material.

Your body is constantly inundated with all kinds of radiation from the atmosphere, both indoor and out. Our typical modern building now has electrical appliances, lighting, wireless Internet, TV, cable television, and electronic installations that polarize and stress your nervous system and disrupt your hormones. This has resulted is sexual dysfunction as well as great physiologic problems. Your health depends on how much radiation is screened and blocked by artificial dams, building materials, and technical installations. These materials disrupt the assimilation of bio-energy and its distribution. Hormones are altered by artificial electromagnetism from man-made materials and all our electronic iPods, blackberries, and computers.

The artificial building materials cause certain frequencies to be blocked out and others to be doubled or tripled. In the past, the use of untreated wood, brick, natural file and special glass allowed the natural radiation to pass undisturbed in our bodies. Electronic and electric installations block signals creating a deficiency in our necessary organ frequencies. Indoor electrical toys, microwaves, and other wireless radio emissions cause unnecessary frequencies to affect our nervous system which the body can’t adapt. This excess stimulation results in an electromagnetic exposure, so strong it overpowers your subtle electrical energy. . This results in an abnormal polarization of your body that reduces normal pulsations, causing you stress, tension, and ultimately disease.

When illumination is intense, you prefer a cooler color. When illumination is low, you want a warmer color. In rooms with windows, you should not face the windows since a direct glare will results. The wall which contains the window should be light in color to eliminate brightness, and should be contrast between the dark wall and entering sunlight. Choose your fluorescent light carefully. Cool white fluorescent lamps give off a yellow greenish color and makes your eyes more sensitive to its brightness. A warm white fluorescent light gives the appearance of a warm light orange glow. A daylight fluorescent will casts a cool bluish color.

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