Seniors lose 6 quarts of wter daily from their cells. It is interesting seeing people under 30 carrying bottled water and constantly drinking. Yet people, over 40, rarely drink water or even order water in a restaurant.
It has been estimated that, as we age, we lose the sensation of thirst. We often confuse thirst with a hunger sensation. We think we must eat to feel better but all we need is a couple glasses of water.

Senior citizens are often dehydrated and lose daily 3-6 quarts of water from their cells. The body recycles 40,000 glasses of water daily and is short 810 glasses.

The body needs 2 quarts of water daily to make up for this deficit, and also • tablespoon of salt (sea salt is the best). One ounce of water is needed daily for every two pounds
of body weight.

A 200-pound person needs 100 ounces of water daily. Minerals are also needed daily; taking a vitamin daily will get an adequate amount of these minerals.
Your body contains 75% water and 25% solids. Sixty six percent of body water is in the cells, 25% is outside the cells and 8% is in the blood.

Water is lost from the body from sweating, urinating, breathing, and bowel movements. When one is adequately hydrated, the urine should look clear
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