Water cleans the toxic wastes from body cells and removes these toxins via the urine. Deposits in the kidney, brain, skin and liver are hence removed. Water also fills the cell water reserves. Excess water is not stored. In fact, water is the best laxative for the body.

Effects on addictions from coffee, alcohol and drugs: Coffee is a booster to the body's engine. It forces a release of ATP energy by the brain (thus depleting the reserve ATP in the brain).

Low levels of ATP signal fatigue to each cell. They then require more stimuli to become activated. Brain opiates are less efficient at a depressed level until the depleted ATP is replenished.

To survive, some cells must even stop functioning, thus resulting in chronic fatigue.

We drink a lot of coffee, tea, beer, wine, and juices. Chemicals in pops alter the body's central nervous system's chemistry. Juices increase histamine production.

The natural sugars in juices program the liver to store fat. Nothing can substitute for water. Coffee dehydrates the entire body. One often urinates 2 cups of urine after drinking one cup of coffee.
Coffee blocks melatonin that is essential for sleep. It also blocks enzymes that are needed for memory and learning and turns on energy burning functions that lead to exhaustion.

Alcohol also dehydrates the body by blocking vasopressin that is essential for brain rehydration (this results in further dehydration).

Alcohol also causes depression, impotence, liver damage, and immune suppression. Alcohol certainly releases endorphins, which then become depleted from the body
. It produces free radicals (acid like substances), and uses up melatonin in the body. Brain cell membranes lose water, endorphins are suppressed, and depression occurs. Kick the alcohol habit by increasing your water intake.

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