What a healthy balanced diet ? We all have a fixed amount of energy: how fast we use it up determines how long we live. All of us have different ideas about what a healthy balanced diet is. “Food is your medicine” (Hippocrates), and “you are what you eat”.

Our modern farming and food processing methods have resulted in missing vitamins and minerals from our diet. Most of us take vitamins and minerals to correct these deficiencies.

Our Western diets combine all major foods at every meal-- Fruits, vegetables, meats, and carbohydrates are all served together. But often this leads to a digestive problems.

The Chinese diets try to achieve a balance between the energy of foods released when digested and metabolized. They separated the energy of foods into yin and yang foods. The pH of your food ( acid alkaline base), is most important. Your cells are acidified by yang foods, and alkalinized by yin foods. By nature, some foods are acid (lemons and grapes), and still have an alkalinizing effect on your body.

Ninety percent of your calories come from acid foods; they leave you a sour taste in your mouth and a sour body odor. This acid state. caused by the food you eat, result in arthritis, osteoporosis, decreased immunity, chronic fatigue, kidney stones, and rotten teeth. When you die, the immediate cause of your death will be an excess amount of acid in your blood.

Foods that acidify your blood are: sugar, white flour, alcohol, beans, nuts, and eggs. Alkalinizing foods include: vegetables, fruits, salt and garlic, coffee and tea.

There must be a balance between cool yang foods, and warm and stimulating yin foods. Rather than warming foods, our ancestors ate more meat in the winter, and more fruits and vegetables in the summer, that were cool and plentiful. Today, because of supermarkets, we eat oranges in the winter, and fatty meats in the summer, which all disturb our body energies.

Protect your body from becoming acid, by choosing the right diet and eating properly.

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