Daily stresses can disturb the body’s subtle energies. Acupuncture treatment, yoga, or meditation can remove these blocks. With aging, the energy spiraling up and down the spine gets stuck at a certain level. At birth we are stuck at Chakra 1 and need survival skills. When our teeth chatter or our legs go into spasm, there is congestion.

In our teenage years we are stuck at Chakra 2 with sexuality. In our early twenties we are stuck at Chakra 3 and need power and competitiveness. In our late twenties when we get married and have children our energy revolves around Chakra 4 and we develop concern for others.

Between 30 and 40, we revolve around Chakra 5 and we develop maturity, wisdom, and creativity (the silicone kids). In our late fifties we reach Chakra 6 and become more religious and contemplate the thought of death. In our mid 60's we reach the crown chakra 7 and are at the peak of spirituality.

TODAY'S HIGH TECH WORLD has resulted in increase vibrational fields that go through our subtle body. Our cell phones, computers, electric and magnetic fields all disturb our body vibrations. Unfortunately because we are so busy, we are away from nature’s rhythms from the outdoors, parks, trees, and rivers that could balance and neutralize these high-energy vibrations.

We can’t see thoughts, feelings and energy. We must just experience it. We are born with innate abilities to perceive subtle energy by knowing (intuitively), seeing (visionary) foreseeing (prophetic) and feeling (sensitive). You can feel energy as the heat on the oven. (The hands perceive the heat). Healers can feel body resistance up to 8 inches from the body. You sense the energy in others and feel connected. What feels good about someone leads to a positive energy field.

Interestingly, we must disconnect ourselves from someone's energy field from time to time or accommodation results and feelings are lost. Your energy field or your partner's energy field may be drained by one another. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and one didn't marry one's spouse for daily lunch.

Daily stresses can disturb the body’s subtle energies. These abnormal currents can be physical, emotional, psychic, or chemical. Such currents are not absorbed by the body tissue but disrupt the subtle energy balance and leave irritable pockets of energy that disrupt body function. One may need to increase ones vibrational energy by physical exercise to create a stronger clearer energy field. Eating processed junk food alters and fails to supply the vibrational energy need by the body

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