There are seven energy centers in the spine called CHAKRAS. The word means wheel in Sanokrit. These centers correspond with the curves of the spine. All the nerves in the body come from the brain and spine. This energy flows down the spine like a river. At the curves in the spine lies the most intense body energy.

The first chakra is the COCCYX, the curve of the tail bone. Because of the increased angle and decrease in bone density, the chakra lets the energy spray out through the pelvis, legs and earth ( like a garden hose from the sprinkler head). The center of gravity in the body is two inches in front of the second sacral bone.

The second chakra is the SACRUM. It is most dense energy center in the body, comprising 5 segments of sacrum into one. Its force is in sexual power.

The third chakra is in the LUMBAR VERTEBRAE. The middle of this curve is the belly button (our original source of energy connection with our mothers). In this chakra resides personal power.

Chakra four is the long curve of the throrax and HEART. Energy here can spred out more than the other 3 chakras. The pull of the thorax in breathing lets the energy here to spread out.

The fifth chakra of energy is in the THROAT, the neck and and its five cervical vertebrae. This is a very mobile energy center and provides personal creativity.

At the back of theskull is chakra six, the THIRD EYE chakra. . It allows energy to expand to the third eye between the eyebrows. This energy provides intuition.

The CROWN is the seventh chakra at the top of the skull. Currents from the heavens make contact with the body.

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