Everyone responds differently to energy stimulation. Acupuncture makes the obstruction of energy become cleared and the
vibrational fields more dense. When the meridian channels are balanced we may see the color of the face turn orange color, the breathing becomes slower, the forehead and eyes may show some reaction, the voice will be louder and, smoother.

Watch a basketball coach under stress rub his hand over his forehead, rub his eyes, ears or nose, in an attempt to balance his energy field. As balance occurs one notices an angelic facial expression. Enter a room and feel your energy connect or clash with the room's atmosphere.

A tense business meeting and the room becomes jumpy and dense. People at the meeting line up as magnetic pulls and can draw themselves together by holding similar viewpoints. . Knowing the pathways help to understand the stimulus seen and the response that results from acupuncture.

As energy depletes there is a lack of oxygen, resulting in paleness, cold sweat, shallow breathing, a stuffy nose, and a soft voice. The head rolls and arms dangle. Treatment with acupuncture makes the vibrational fields denser and the obstruction of energy becomes cleared.

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