Women expect orgasm to be always explosive and intense. Our sexual culture teaches us to expect great sexual things. Women expect to experience orgasms (preferably multiple) but these orgasms are expected to be like" bells ringing" or " the earth giving way". The actual experience often falls short of those expectations.


Most women seek a hopeless quest for the authentic ‘true" orgasm. Many women say they are non-orgasmic and yet when questioned they feel their vagina contracting involuntarily, and feel their heartbeats pulsating in their vaginas, and later after sex they are calm and physically satisfied. Women today are told to expect orgasm to be an event of earth shattering degree. Many are in a state of denial and note that their nipples were not erect at the time of orgasm they could not have had orgasm. Once a woman becomes aware of the sensations they feel, and allow themselves to be flooded by these feelings, she becomes aware that the sensations are pleasurable and more orgasmatic and intense in nature. Orgasms differ from woman to woman, from moment to moment and from partner to partner. Most articles on orgasm were written by men and much emphasis is place on female orgasm as a sign of total adequacy. If a woman feels inadequate and incapable of ever doing anything right, know that no matter what the body responses are, it cannot be orgasm. Women expect orgasm to be always explosive and intense. To have a "real "orgasm. women must feel vaginal contractions and forget all the other signs written about female orgasm

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