Is your man’s sexual drive stronger than yours? You don’t complain about having a low libido, being horny, looking for a good lay, nor look for ways to raise your libido. E
veryone must have their sexual needs met. Because you are not constantly thinking about sex, you are told: “ something must be wrong”.

if you are too tired, too stressed, haven’t had enough romance, and are overextended, you certainly, don’t feel emotionally ready to have sex. In such moments, you certainly feel less sexy driven than your man, have fewer sexual thoughts, less desires for a variety of partners, fewer fantasies, less need for frequent sex, have no desire to pay people to have sex with you--in short, have no time to be sexually preoccupied.

To spark your sexual desires, you need some emotional connection, anticipation, and a need to be emotionally aroused. Your libido suddenly dies under stress, illness, physical injuries, relationship problems, and kid problems. If you’re single, you certainly want your sex partner to stay around after you get pregnant, get a job, and have money to support you and the baby.

Because of your low sexual drives, you may think your condition requires medical treatment. Remember, normal conditions do not require medication. Be aware that, the media, sparked by articles from magazines as Cosmopolitan and Red Book, daily bombard you into thinking that every woman has orgasm during every sexual experience, and if you have a low sex drive you require drugs. You may love your low sex drive, but sex experts on TV tell you there is a pill that will improve your sex life and make you the sexually voracious woman your husband passionately desires.

There is a debate on whether female libido can be helped by drugs. Drug companies think so. Companies as Procter & Gamble, are constantly seeking drugs, as “male testosterone skin patches” and “abdominal testosterone sprays” to make you more passionate. The FDA has rejected them because of links to heart disease and breast cancer, not to speak of growing a mustache.

Orgasm is an end result of sexual appeal not an objective. A false conception persists that you can’t be a woman if you can’t reach orgasm. Much of your sexual energy is sublimated from orgasm to pregnancy, motherhood, and childbearing. After having a great day you may look forward to great sex. Even after an argument, sex can calm and pacify you.

You depend on your man to meet your sexual needs. When you make a commitment, you agree to be faithful, trust that your sexual needs will be met, promise to be available and responsive sexually, and depend on your man to meet these needs.

Everyone must have their sexual needs met. The problem is that, usually, your man has a much greater need for sex than you do. When his needs are not met as often as he likes, or the way he likes, it creates conflicts.

You really don’t know if you have a need for sex. Since you are in love, you want to be physically and emotionally close to your mate, and want to make love, but this isn’t quite the same as having a sexual need. If you have a sexual need, you have sexual fantasies, and imagine how your sexual needs can be fulfilled. The greater your fantasies, the greater your needs. How you meet these needs, depends on your sexual orientation and predisposition.

Affection is often confused with the need for sex. Kissing, holding hands, and hugging, are nonsexual acts of love that may have no sexual intent. If your affection has a sexual motive, you are expressing a need for sex not just affection. Showing affection makes you happy, but if you don’t feel content, but feel frustrated that you want to make love another way, you have a sexual need.

Sexual intercourse Is stimulating and fulfilling. It results in bonding, generates families, and satisfies urges and passions. Expressing your love is a very positive emotion, and only you can decide how much sex as needed in your relationship. The longer you are together, the more important sex becomes.

If sex is not just a pleasurable and physical act, but allows you to bond and share the love you have for each other, it becomes an emotional and mental adventure. When it becomes a chore rather than a luxury, your sex drive lowers, and your emotional bonds crumble. To enjoy sex, you must be in the mood, and must make the other person feel happy, contented, and as satisfied as you are.

Having sex, has it’s ups and downs, and allows you to share, explore, and experience each other with tenderness and understanding. Sex is totally different to each of us. Your behavior and feelings are determined by how you and your man think about sex. You have sex because you love, and want to please your man in a committed way. You also want your man to show love by also sexually pleasing you.

Often have things are not going good in your marriage, your sexual relationship suffers. To avoid sex, you may develop physical symptoms as tiredness and put your energy into creative activities. Rarely is sex the primary cause for troubles. You and your partner have very similar sexual drives. If a sexual relationship is not good, this may be a symptom that are not good in your marriage. Sex is rarely the primary cause for troubles. It is rare that one partner has a sexual drive much different from the other to cause real trouble.

Sexual problems are very common and have resulted in our 60% divorce rate. To keep your sense of well-being, and quality of marital life intact, you need a healthy sex life. Ask your doctor to assess your sexual history and discuss your sexual problems with him.. Sexuality has been ignored for too long. Sexual troubles are very common, resulting in 60% divorce rate. Don’t let it destroy your marriage.

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