Your body is designed to fight cancer. Everyone can build a natural defenses against cancer. Your emotions can affect the course of cancer. Pay close attention to the connection of your mind and body. Stress will contribute to your inflammatory processes.

Nutritious foods can fight cancer. Large stones of Summer fruit, as peaches and plums, green tea, new natural sweeteners acacia honey, coconut sugar, all have low glycemic index. Vitamin D3 is very important to fight cancer.

Anti Cancer Defenses
Overcooking your foods may reduce the benefits of anticancer properties. The effect of cell phones on your body are still not determined.

Chemical products as bisphenol found in plastic microwave safe container’s, inner lining of cans, and baby bottles can be dangerous. This substance leaks into liquids when they are heated. This substance counter act the response to chemotherapy.

Food additives that have an organic phosphates, as sweetened sodas, processed baked goods, promote some lung cancers. Alcohol can also increase the risk of cancer.

Everyone has storm and cancer cells in their body, and your natural defenses keep them from clumping and forming a tumor. 40% of all cancers can be prevented I changing your food diet, becoming more physically active, and avoiding environmental toxins. When you adopt a healthier lifestyle your life expectancy is increased at you will Reduce your biological age by 14 years.
We all have the power to protect ourselves from cancer fears by starting to drink green tea, adding tuneric to your diet with black pepper, and managing stress.

Everyone has dormant cancer cells. Your body is always making some defective cells. One out of four of us will die of cancer. Your body is designed to fight cancer if you alert your body’s natural defenses. Our way of life somehow weakens our defenses. The media convinces you that cancer is linked to your genes rather than your lifestyle. This is not true. Genetic factors only affect 15% of cancers.

You cannot neglect the natural capacity of your body to protect against cancer. Your environment plays the main role in causing common cancers. Your body must block the spread of cancer by preventing new blood vessels from being nursed.

Variety is the essence of nature. There is no fixed rule in nature then applies to everything. You must live in harmony with your body your past, and find some peace through yoga, meditation, prayer, and choose foods that fight cancer.

A vegetarian diet, with vitamin C. and E., selenium, omega-3, along with 30 minutes of walking each day, some stress management with breathing or yoga exercises and a support group all help survival.

The more fruits and vegetables you eat the lower your risk of cancer development. Variety does not seem to be important. Unfortunately our Western diet is a fertilizer for cancer. If sabotage is your immune defenses. You must detoxify carcinogenic substances, eat and anticancer diet, stay physically active, and search for peace.

You don’t want to be condemned to die. You must join the club of the living, and find people are interested in what you did in life or what’s going on in your mind. Quit being robotic, and find happiness now.

Cancer makes you aware of the shortness of your life. You begin to appreciate things you took for granted. Life becomes more intense and resonant. You must begin to understand things you have ignored in the past.

Remember people who write scientific articles that are published gets paid with subsidies. It keeps their grants going in their labs humming. They are far away from the human suffering you encounter.

You want to feel useful to others. We must help each other by smiling, and giving life some meaning. Your existence must make a difference in your life must have some value. People who fear death have not done anything with their life. In that time you have remaining, do something that would be useful to someone else. Do something that really matters. Turn into a different person. You can still save your life even though you are on the threshold of death. Take time to be alone and visit a church, a synagogue, a holy place where you can be silent and discover your inner self.

Cancer cells lose the obligation to die after a number of divisions. They become immortal. They poison your tissues and secrete poisons that in flame your body and stimulate the expansion of their territory. To expand, they need more blood vessels. This allows them to proliferate and gives them oxygen and nutrients they need to grow into a tumor.

You can disrupt this terrorism of cancer, by stimulating your immune system army, refused to allow inflammation in your body, refused blood vessels to multiply and provide supply to the enemy cancer cells. Cancer tries to destroy everything they find along the way.

Immune suppressing drugs weaken your immune system to prevent it from rejecting transplant. Once your immune system is weakened, minute tumors are more likely to break free and starts growing. Cancer cells only grow if you’re immune defenses are weakened.

Your white blood cells are always ready to battle cancers. Like soldiers, these immune cells fight hard when they are well fed and protected from toxins and they can act with poise. If your diet is healthy, your environment clean, your entire body is physically active, you react positively emotional states, develop a sense of well-being and stay connected, you will overcome the cancer enemy.

Many cancers are clearly linked to viruses. In these cases in human cells are passive. If your immune system is active, a tumor is less likely to form metastases.

In all inflammation there is redness, swelling, heat, and pain. You’re a new leaders coordinate the repair operations through cytokines, chemokines, prostaglandins, leukotrienes, and thromboxanes.

Your inflammatory soldiers dilate the vessels around the damage to allow immune cell reinforcements. The opening is sealed by clotting of blood around and build up piles of platelets. They allow the neighboring tissue to become more porous allowing immune cells to enter. Damaged tissue cells are now triggered to grow, regenerate the missing pieces, and roll tiny blood vessels that deliver oxygen and food to your construction site. This is the kind of inflammation that allows your body to rebuild. The process is regulated, harmonious, and self-limiting. New tissue quits growing once replacements arrived. This process of creating new tissue can also be diapered it to promote cancer growth.

Chronic inflammatory state is directly linked to one out of six cancers. Cervical cancer follows a chronic infection of papiloma virus. A bacteria helicobacter pylorus, can cause cancer of the stomach. Hepatitis B. or C. can cause liver cancer. Toxic additives in cigarettes can cause lung cancer.

Cancer needs inflammation to keep growing. Cancers produce the same inflammatory substances that nature uses to repair wounds. These substances however act as chemical fertilizers promoting cancer growth. Cancers use these substances to make surrounding tissue more permeable. It diverts these normal repair substances for the benefit of cancer cells. Because of the inflammation they create, neighboring tissue becomes infiltrated, the cancer cells enter the bloodstream, migrate to remote colonies called metastases.

In normal healing, inflammatory chemicals stopped when the tissue is restored. In cancers, these substances continue to be produced. This excess of inflammatory chemicals in neighboring tissue blocks to suicide of cells. Cells are programmed to die to prevent overproduction of tissues. When signals indicate there enough cells created to form healthy tissue, excess cells die. As cancer cells stimulate their own growth, they are protected from death.

Cancer disarms the immune cells in the neighborhood. The overproduction of inflamed substances confuses the neighboring white blood cells. Natural killer cells become neutralized and don’t even try to fight the cancer which grows in their presence.

By encouraging immune cells to produce inflammation, the cancer gets the body to make the fuel necessary for its own growth and invasion of neighboring tissues. The larger the tumor, the more inflammation that causes and the better it can grow. The more successful a cancer is in provoking local inflammation, the more aggressive the cancer is spreading long distances.

If your body is chronically underlying a state of inflammation, your health will suffer, even if there are knows detectable signs as joint pain or heart trouble.

Taking anti-inflammatory drugs, as Motrin, , increase cardiovascular risks.

Cancer cells rely on a pro-inflammatory factor secreted by cancer cells. It is referred to as the nuclear factor – kappa B. This factor is blocked in green tea, and the resveratrol found in red wine.

If you are persistently feeling helpless, noradrenaline is secreted and quarters all the stress hormone. These hormones prepare the body for wound repair, by stimulating inflammatory factors to repair tissues. These hormones however our fertilizers for cancer cells that have remained latent. Inflammation is necessary to grow and spread the cancer.

Since changes in lifestyle can’t be patented, don’t require prescriptions, most doctors don’t consider this within their advice.

A cancer cell can’t grow if it doesn’t succeed in diverting blood vessels for its own use. No living cell can survive if it doesn’t connect to tiny blood vessels called capillaries. These tiny capillaries bring oxygen and nutrients to cells and carry away garbage from cellular metabolism. Cancer cells also need nourishment and waste exported. To survive, cancers need many tiny capillary blood vessels.

Normally, blood vessel walls don’t multiply and don’t create new Capillaries. New blood vessels grow only when there is a need to repair some wounded. Cancer cells hijack the body’s ability to create new vessels for their own use. Rather than attacking the cancer cells themselves, by attacking their blood vessels you can dry out the cancer. Many cancers are waiting dormant, called in situ cancers.

Cancer cells can become dangerous cancers unless new blood vessels come to feed them. These cells produce a chemical substance called angiogenin, that make blood vessels sprout new branches. For cancer cells to spread they must attract new blood vessels.

Preventing new blood vessel growth causes cancer cells to regress. Once the cancer is deprived of supplies it starts shrinking. Angiostatin, attacks fast growing blood vessels and does not affect existing vessels. Control the enemy by attacking its supply lines, you will undermine the cancer’s attempt to create new blood vessels.

The many foods our anti-angiogenesis, and fight cancer. These include mushrooms, green teas, spices and herbs. Anything that reduces inflammation will prevent the growth of new blood vessels.

Talk about your inner feelings
When you are seriously sick you are terribly lonely. You want the presence of your dear ones near you. You want to talk about all your treatment options, but you also need to talk about your inner feelings. We tried to control our actions and a lot of it lost its value. Your friends tell you don’t just sit there do something. Yet you may feel you want to stop trying to do something to fix it, and merely want to just sit there. You want someone to say to you is going to be just fine. You want them to tell you you are there everything. When ill, you find you have no further need to be at the top, lay down all your aggressive success weapons relax and breathe.

Our cancer environment

Over the last 70 years cancer rate in women and men has risen over 1.7% each year. In France the cancer rate increase 60% in the last 20 years. As we are living longer it’s normal for cancer rates to be higher. With early screening, we should be able to improve treatment.

Children’s cancers have risen the most over the last 40 years. Prostate cancer is rising faster than even breast cancer. It has risen 200% over the last 12 years. Most of the cancers found in pancreas, lung, brain, testes, diploma, are never released routinely screened. There is indeed a cancer epidemic in the Western world. Breast cancer before the age of 50 has tripled since World War II ended. Cancer in a young person was very rare.

Cancers of the breast, prostate, and colon, are nine times more common here in America than in northern Europe or China Or Japan. With increased prosperity in Asia, changes in lifestyle and environment, cancers are increasing in these areas also. It is now a disease of rich people.

Stomach cancers have disappeared in the last 40 years because of better refrigeration, less reliance on nitrates and salt to preserve the food, and environmental intervention.

What has really changed since World War II?
We now have a highly refined addition of sugar. We have changed our methods of farming and raising animals and this has changed our food chain. We are exposed to a lot more chemical products that did not exist before 1940. These are not minor changes.

Your body still expects a diet like the one you had when you ate the products of hunting and gathering. Dad consisted of a lot of vegetables and fruit, and only occasionally meet or eggs. Omega six fatty acids were balanced with Omega three. There was very little sugar and flour. We did not eat cereals, and are refined sugar was honey.

Today over 50% of our calories come from sugars flower, and vegetable oils that did not exist when our genes were developing. None of these sources contain proteins, vitamins, minerals, or omega-3 that key your body functioning. On the other hand, they are the fuel for the growth of cancer.

Cancer loves sugar.
Your genes developed an environment where you ate under 4 pounds of honey a year. In 1830, this rose to 11 pounds. And today is over 150 pounds a year.

A German biologist, Warburg, won the Nobel prize for discovering that all cancers depend on sugar to grow. Glucose is a form of digested sugar in the body.

When you eat sugar or white flour, your blood level of glucose rises rapidly, resulting in a high glycemic index. Your body releases insulin to help the sugar enter the cells. The insulin also releases IGF, and insulin like growth factor. Its role is to stimulate cells to grow. In summary, sugar nourishes tissues and makes them grow faster. The insulin and IGF, also promote inflammation factors that are fertilizers for cancers. To fight cancer, we must reduce insulin peaks and IGF in the blood.

Blood sugar levels and inflammation are links. Since 1950, we have made a high fructose syrup from corn, a mixture of fructose and glucose. Your body already had trouble with the refined sugar and now we add sugar syrup to our process foods. All fruit has fructose. When this is mixed with glucose, your body can’t handle the insulin that is produced without toxic collateral damage. People who eat the low sugar Asian diets have 10 times fewer hormone driven cancers than those of us who eat sugar and refined foods.

If you have a high blood sugar, diabetes, you have an above average risk for cancer. Having a high glycemic index increases your risk for cancers of the pancreas, colon and ovaries.

Breast cancer does not occur because of obesity. It is the high insulin levels that are associated with obesity.

To slow down the assimilation of the sugars you eat, you should increase your multi-grained bread usage. Each week mixed with oatmeal ride, flaxseed etc. Forget breads that are made with Baker’s east since they raise the glycemic index. Avoid white rice and replace it with white vase Mahdi rice or brown rice, where the glycemic index is lower. Tried to heed vegetables and legumes, beans, peas, lentils. Besides having low glycemic indexes, the phytochemicals in them also fight cancer.

When you eat cookies or other sugar between meals, nothing can block the rise of insulin. Only when you combine with other foods like vegetables, fruit, or good fats as olive oil, can you slow the assimilation of sugar and reduce insulin peaks. To reduce the rise in blood sugar, eat onions, garlic, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, and spices like cinnamon.

Obesity is one of the highest risk factors for cancer. Despite lowering our total calories by 4% and our consumptions of fat by 11%, we are getting fatter. Our kids have doubled the mass of daddy tissue in their bodies between 1970 and 1990. Our babies are not overfed but are given the same amount of milk whether mothers milk or baby formula. The character of the milk since 1950 is responsible for infant obesity. The imbalance in the very nature of milk acts on the growth of fat and cancer cells.

Our cows and chickens are fed junk food also

Cows are born in the spring when the grass is plush, and they produce milk until summer ends. The grass in spring is very rich in omega-3 and is concentrated in the milk of cows raised in pastures. The derivatives of milk, butter, cream, yogurt and cheese are also found in the milk of cows raised in pastures. Grass fed to cows have high omega threes in their beef, and chickens fed with forage, rather than grain, all are loaded with omega-3.

Today pastures are abandoned, and battery farming is prevalent. Today’s diet for cattle of corn, soy, and wheat contain practically no omega-3. To the contrary, they are very rich in omega six. Both of these acids are called the sensual because your body can’t make them.

If cows eat grass, their meat, milk, and eggs are perfectly balanced with omega-3 and Omega six in a ratio of one to one. When they are fed corn and soy, their bodies ratio are 1 to 40.

Omega-3 and Omega six are constantly competing to control your body. Omega six stores stats, promotes rigidity in yourselves promotes inflammation in response to outside aggression. Omega six stimulates fatty cells and birth onward. Omega-3 helps develop your nervous system making cells membrane more flexible and reduces inflammation and limits the production of fat cells.

Chickens in their egg is no longer contain the same essential fatty acids they did 50 years ago. Today chickens are raised universally on corner. Their eggs contained 20 times more Omega six and omega-3, Far from the one to one ratio of chickens raised on forage.

Today animals are also treated with hormones, like estradiol and zeranol to make them fatter faster. These hormones build up in fatty tissues and are excreted in milk. To stimulate more milk, a new hormone called bull being growth hormone, r bGH, is introduced into cattle feed. This acts on the cows memory plans boosting production significantly. We know that it promotes IGF in columns, which is a major factor to stimulate growth of fatty cells and growth in cancer cells.

The new corn soy combination to the cattle feed has eliminated the potential anticancer benefits of a fatty acid called CLA, which is found only in cheese from grass fed animals.

Margarine, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated trans fats, were used during World War II to preserve on butter. This vegetable margarine has sunflower oil as its base, which has 70 times more omega six and omega-3. It also has toyed being oil, seven times more omega six, and canola oil three times more omega six and three. This change has helped lower cholesterol levels, blood has provoked a sudden rise in inflammatory disorders and even heart attacks.

The link between heart disease, obesity and high omega six levels
In Israel,Butter is virtually excluded from cooking techniques and heavy margarine rich in omega six and sunflower oil are used which is much cheaper than olive oil. Such a diet has resulted in the lowest cholesterol levels but the highest rate of myocardial infarction and obesity.

Almost all processed foods, as cookies, crackers, pizza, pastries, potato chips, all contain partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, trans fats. They are all Omega six oils, mainly soy, but sometimes Palm or canola oil. They become solid at room temperature and fluid even in refrigerators. This makes them less digestible and more inflammatory than Omega six in their natural state. The greatest advantages they do not grow stale. That’s why they are used in almost all the processed foods in the supermarket today. They did not exist before World War II. Processed oils have been linked specifically to cancers especially breast cancer which is almost double in women who have high levels of trans fatty acids.

One slice of pizza contains three times more fat than an ordinary state. And is high in calories. When there is a dietary imbalance in the ratio of the essential fatty acids with a high omega six consumption, insulin levels rise high and glycemic indices are also higher. These imbalances are factors associated with some cancers.

We can’t alter the levels of omega six and omega-3 in our body by our diets, but only by feeding our animals different foods. The animals need to have a balanced diet also.

Flaxseed, linseed, was an ingredient in Greek bread and eight by the Romans. Linseed is the only seed that contains more omega-3 than omega 63 times more. When animals eat linseed it increases the omega-3 content in their meat butter cheese and eggs even if only 5% of the feed contains it. By adding 5% of from cooked linseed, your fatty acids become comparable to eating from a Mediterranean diet.

Why is breast Cancer high in the industrialized Western countries?. Could it be the result of eating meat three times a day which has all sorts of hormones that seed of the growth of farm animals? There seems to be a direct connection between cancer rates and the consumption of meat, cold cuts, and milk products. The richer countries diet and vegetables and legumes, peas beans, lentils, the lower the cancer rate.

So how can you slow the spread of cancer?
Avoid sugar and white flour. Replace them with coconut sugar, Acacia Honey, agave nectar, for sweetening. Use multi-grain flour for bread and pasta or sourdough bread made with traditional 11. Reduce your red meat and avoid processed pork products. Avoid all trans fats found in pastries that are not made with butter. Avoid all animal fats loaded with omega six. Use olive oil and canola oil for your vegetable fats since they do not promote inflammation. Beat butter and cheese that are well-balanced and omega-3, and avoid margarine.

We must reduce our fields of corn and soybean needed for animal feed. They use up more water, fertilizer, and herbicides that contaminate other crops. We must eliminate the buildup of carcinogenic chemicals in our environment.