Color and light sustain all living things. The color of light was always considered healing and sustained life and all living things. Everything In life is connected, and your thoughts affect everything, including appealing and actions. Healing with color is traced over 5000 years, back to ancient Egypt and Greece. “Enlightenment” was synonymous with health,, and was considered in ancient cultures, that worshipped the sun, both a spiritual and physical phenomenon.

Light is just a narrow band of visible energy in the middle of a spectrum that embraces energies from radio waves to cosmic rays. Light is graded by the wavelength and measured in nanometers with visible light falling between 380–760 nm. Our eyes sense the variation in the wavelengths and interpret it as a specific color.

Colors form the filters through which we see the world. Reds have the longest wavelengths, lowest frequency and least energy. While at the other end of the visible spectrum, he color violet, has the shortest wavelength, highest frequency, and most energy. Most living things are vitalized by Reds orange and yellow’s, and calm by the blues individuals and violets of the night.

Full spectrum lamps are used which are fitted with special quartz filters that make colors of all wavelengths and frequencies. Artificial light, the minutes some wavelengths more powerful than others. The florescent light for example, is weaker in red than blue green and ultraviolet. Drinking water exposed to sunlight through various colored glasses are also prescribed.

Energies can be stimulating by encouraging every day exposure to certain needed colors. It can be through clothes, accessories, home furnishings, certain foods,. By adding callers to an individual access with one color, can create balance. Gems and crystals are often used to potentiate water through exposure to natural light.

Intuition and insight can help one see mental images as energy forms. Images are not necessarily visual, since a picture is seen in the minds eye and send store experience in different ways. Images allow nonverbal phenomena as the emotional spiritual and physical experiences to be represented in the mind. They help all wariness of subtle energies and color and also provide reliable information. One must sense rather than think about them for results.

By forming images and visualizing things, you are actively creating a picture in your mind and it gives you energy. When you hold a picture clearly in your mind, you can create it into your life as it takes on form and substance. The clearer the image you see, and the more energy you put into I,t the sooner you can create it into your life. Images are powerful forces and can directly effects your entire body. For example: imagining sucking a lemon, has a direct effect on your salivary glands. Concentrate on your heart rate or blood pressure, and blood flow and immune systems all are affected.

By imagining color, you produce vibrations of that color’s frequency. These vibratios are then directed to the energy centers of the body where needed. Direct the light you imagine,and you can direct it to a diseased area of your body or outward into the universe to heal others. Imagine breathing colored lights, and you send color energies to vitalize an organ in that chakra.

Perfect health is symbolized by a rainbow, where all energies wavelengths and colors are balanced. By vitalizing all your chakras, you tune yourself into your rainbow. There is increased awareness of the subtle effects of the colors that influence your life. Your energies also express themselves through color. You choose certain colors for your clothes, your car, your bedroom, and your foods. They resonate and vibrate at different frequencies exciting your energy fields. You tend to like people who on that same wavelength and dislikes those who do not resonate with us.

The clothes you wear tend to reflect usually one end of the spectrum. Some people always wear one color. If you wear a limited range of colors, pick the colors on your chakra that you feel the need energizing. By experimenting with colors, you’ll experience and feel more vibrant when you find the right colors. Evaluate your relationship to every color you see and use.

Television transforms electromagnetic energies into sights and sounds, and your mind does the same thing by transforming subtle energies into various sensory images. When dilute colors are used, your energy fields are not adequately filled. Washed out colors drain you emotionally.. If you choose drained yellow colors, often your work related demands become stressful. If you wear washed out blue energies you are likely to have poor self-expression, a tendency for nausea, and speech problems.

Tension is blocked energy. What you visualize, tells you about your energies and your effectiveness in using them. Pay particular attention to the color, its clarity, depth, and movement.When a pleasant experiences occur, you block your feelings and your energy becomes stagnant.
Chakras metabolizes your energy. By closing them, you block information from coming in. Energy that should go in the chakra, instead is projected out in the field surrounding your body and manifests that color.


Pain can be both a cause and effect of blocked energy, and can be modified and treated. Ask yourself: what is the pan doing there, why is it there and what it is doing for you and what can you do for pain. Changing your color image of the size and shape of your pain gives you control over it. On Oprah”s show., Melody Beattie and Antonia Hutt an interior designer decorated Melody’s home since she was to have an artificial disc replacement with a long recuperation. Melody chose calming colors

You can shrink pain and pull it out of your body. We see intense pain as red and black, sometimes red, orange, or brown. Intense pain has jagged lines. Less intense pain is seen as curved. By seeing red and orange pain as green, you get immediate relief.
If your pain is red and orange, it is muscular, physical, and usually in the lower part of your body; If yellow, you are expressing fear and anxiety; If green, it is emotions.; If dark blue, a mental problem complicates it; if purple you have lost hope, direction, and purpose in coping with it; if black,brown or gray, you are expressing denial.

Pain has some positive functions. It gains you attention, relieves you from obligations and other duties, and makes you important. Ask yourself how pain serves your needs, and could your needs be met in a less painful way? Reversing the PAIN process by breathing in color. Imagine breathing in sunlight and being aware of your thoughts and sensations. Breathe through your nose, and let it out through your mouth. Feel the light traveling down your spine to the base and then going up your entire body. Push out the color impurities through the mouth

You have a way by imagery to get reliable information about your subtle energies and can assess them at any time. Your imagery can also influence the subtle energies and redirect and balance them .Imagine delighted you have chosen to enter the pores of your scan on the top of your head. Feel the pain wheel distributing sparks of light and think about its size and speed and its color. Imagine looking at the entire seven wheels of energy. See whether they are online and compare one with the other. Are they the same size moving in the same direction at the same speed or do they differ. And how do they differ. Candlelight flow easily between them.

Imagine looking at the base of your spine and see light seeping up from it in a series of circles. Notice the colors of each of these bands of light and see whether they are paler dark dancer patchy. Be aware that everything is connected and your thoughts affect everything including appealing and actions.
A combination of dowsing with color filters and the Omura O ring test determines what color of externally applied light works best for an affected chakra. The solar plexus chakra is affected in over 75 % of the patients. When treatment is combined with acupuncture, there is great improvement. The choice of polarity is determined by O ring kinesiology with probes on the front chakra d on the back over the spine behind the chakra. Micro-current stimulation with the proper light color for 10 minutes along with acupuncture helps restore the chakra balance.

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