Laws have no right to annihilate justice and destroy your rights. A crime is committed when the law takes things from persons that belonged to them and gives them to others to whom it does not belong.This benefits one person at the expense of another. The purpose of government is to secure our individual rights to life liberty and property. Without these rights, we have to live in fear and self defense seeing every neighbor as an enemy trying to plunder us.
Government can initiate violence against you even though you have not been violent against others. You can demand to be left alone with your God-given rights but ultimately the government wins.

Socialism uses us as raw material and places us in social combinations. The intent is to reform everything except government.. The government can control everything i now with quick access to communication, electronic transactions, and information. Accessibility makes it more difficult for the ordinary person to defend against government intervention and control. Special interest groups lobby hard to control government regulations that prevent open competition against their interests.

Socialism makes the law its own weapon. Laws can only work in three ways – few people plunder the many, everyone plunders everybody, nobody plunders anybody. It assures that the laws directly control all welfare, morality, and education in our nation.

There is no way you can be free and not be free at the same time. Under the names of unity, organizations and associations, such artificial unity, deprive us of responsibility. We become forced and confused about the role of government and society. When you are opposed to state controlling education and religion,you are labeled opposed to all education and want no religion. If you object to state enforced equality you are labeled against equality in general. If you are opposed to the state controlling agriculture, you are accused of not wanting people to eat. Such laws squelch your motivation to action, and force you to become passive, motionless, inert ,and indifferent. You become shaped into asymmetric, artistic, and perfected box.

You are seen as raw material, to be formed by many systems into an experimental social combination. It assumes that if you make choices, you will arrive at atheism instead of religion, be ignorant instead of knowledgeable, and poor instead of productive. It assumes you could make nothing of yourself and that all scientific inventions and innovations are all given to you by laws and politicians. All you must do is follow the law and permit it to mold you for the good of the public. The implication is that, everything came to you from somewhere outside of yourself. It makes you passive, and puts all your interests, knowledge, desires, and possessions in the hands of the politicians. You no longer need to decide anything for yourself, since it will be decided for you. Our leaders have the foresight and principles to guide us responsibly, and we must give the politicians our permission.

Justice provides favors to the poor against the rich, and educates our children as long as we are obedient. Pleasures of the body and mind, ingratitude, hypocrisy, and greed must be punished. The rich must be forced to work i to keep or increase their wealth that must be disposed of by the state. The politicians, the machine, and the leader sets everything into motion. You are the machine that is set in motion. Stability is provided by bringing both rich and poor together by tolerating neither wealthy people are beggars.

Politicians learn how to manage people, forgetting that the reeal purpose of society is to unite families by common interest. We become molded by force and fraud. By rewarding you with things you need rather than punishing you for the evils you commit, your ability to observe, think, plan ahead, and judge for yourself,are relinquished as you become organized and regulated.

Liberty means competition, but you are told that competition leads to monopoly. Free people should not consume and be oppressed by liberty. Being morally and intellectually ignorant, we must rely on those superior to us to lead. We are forced to agree to projects, morality, and regulations. You can no longer decide the best plan for yourself, but must accept the “law” even if it is contrary to your best interests. You are told you are incompetent and government is infallible. Stay passive, and let your happiness and prosperity be managed by the law rather than through your own energies. You and your property must be controlled by the government.

Freedom requires social harmony, as we partner in trying to improve society by mutual consent and agreement. We strive for abundance but as producers we want goods to be scarce. To capture customers we must offer cheaper and better goods than our competitors. Freedom allows us to use your brains as long as we don’t harm others while doing it. To be truly free you must have power to use and develop your faculties when given the necessary education and tools to produce.

Since everyone wants perfection and well-being, we have choices between vice and virtue, punishment and reward. If you have no money, you turn to the law. Public money can’t be increased for the benefit of one citizen or one class unless someone else has been forced to pay for it. Socialism causes equalization, by taking from some people and giving to others. Organized injustice occurs by providing subsidies, guaranteed profits and jobs, relief and welfare, public education with progressive taxation, free credit, and public works. On the contrary, teaching and learning can only operate freely without the use of force, where some people have knowledge and others don’t. Some citizens must learn and others teach.

Plundering occurs when, by force or fraud, a portion of your wealth is transformed without your consent and without compensation to anyone who does not own it. Despite personal good intentions, each of us profits from plundering without wishing to do so, and we suffer from it without knowing why. Specific groups and industries are protected by claiming falsely that it will benefit the general welfare of everyone. Labor, religion, and education become organized by force while claiming to preserve justice. Unfortunately, justice can be achieved only when injustice is absent.

The law eliminates your need to discuss, compare, and plan ahead. Everything is done for you by the law, as you lose your liberty, your property, and your personality.

Legal plunder includes: benefits, subsidies, tariffs, taxation, public schools, guaranteed jobs and profits, minimum wages and relief, a right to free credit and labor – all these plans constitute socialism.

Legal plunder prevents rivals from competing and restricts trading opportunities both at home and abroad. With protection regulation and redistribution by the state, the wealth of others can be stolen.. Wealth can be acquired easier through legal plunder than through productive working. In the spirit of theft, we as a society become molded, shaped, and moved according to the plans of our leaders to control all aspects of our economic and social life. Plundering takes property from one person and gives it to another: the laws take the wealth of everyone and give it to a few. Since now everyone uses the law for their own profit, we also push to use it for our profit. The poor man, of course,demands a right to relief.

If a law takes from someone what belongs to them and gives it to someone else to whom it does not belong it benefits one person at the expense of another and invites reprisals. It results in a system that spreads and multiplies. The person profiting from the law defenses newly acquired rights and claims that the government is obliged to protect and encourage his rights by spending more and paying higher wages to the poor workers. It is a delusion that one can enrich everyone at the expense of everyone else and make plunder universal under a pretense of organizing it.

Plundering legitimizes stealing ,breaks down morality, and blurs the distinction between right and wrong, and consequently reduces our country’s prosperity. When you reduce protection, and make competition scarce, the supply of goods are reduced by limiting competition. Placing protective barriers decreases the availability of goods and makes everything more expensive. Legal plunder also blurs the distinction between justice and injustice. Since law and morality contradict each other, we either lose our moral sense or our respect for the law. It’s hard to choose between them. To make plunder appear just, laws are made to decree and sanction such plunder.

Your life is a gift of God, and it is your responsibility to develop, preserve, and perfect it. Laws and justice are the same; laws are made to maintain justice. Anything lawful also becomes legitimate. Laws must protect our property, our liberties and our individual rights. The fruits of your labor must be protected as well as your labor.
If your life is successful, you can’t thank the state for our success. These three gifts come from God and are superior to human laws. You have a natural right to defend your liberty and your property. You have the right to also organize support and use some force to protect your rights. But you cannot destroy the rights of others. Using your brains, you convert resources into useful products. Laws Must be organized justice.The function of a law requires the use of force only in protecting the rights of for everyone,otherwise it turns “might against right”. In reality, laws cannot regulate your ideas, your will, conscience, opinions and education, your work, your talents your jobs, and your pleasures. Laws are made not to oppress you and plundering your property, but to protect you and your property.

Laws have no right to annihilate justice and destroy your rights. It cannot exploit your liberties nor your property. Plunder cannot be converted into a right to protect plundering. The problem comes that ,most of us want to live and prosper at the expense of others. Legal plundering violates property rather than protecting it. It makes the law an instrument of injustice. Laws should not diminish the liberty of citizens, since such action acts against the purpose of the law and justice.


By non-conforming to the law, refusing to accept the omnipotence of laws, the infallibility of the politicians, and inertness of mankind, you become labeled as a dangerous subversive who wants to destroy our society. Every vote cast affects everyone in the entire community.

How can you dare to claim you are capable of judging for yourself, can choose wisely, and know what’s best for yourself? You want to manage your own affairs rather than become robotics, passive and unconscious. During an election, a politician paints himself as wise, moral, and perfect. Yet, the politician constantly initiates, directs, organizes and pushes his agenda to maintain power.

Laws and government should not govern our wages, tools, production capacity, o or create government jobs, and credit. Liberty provides you stability, responsibility, and safety to find your real worth and dignity and is a solution to your human relationship problems.

Peaceful moral ,and happy countries have laws that do not interfere with private affairs, t Have low taxation, and only administrate and control the powers of universal justice. We must be left alone and be accepted as we are. Liberty is an acknowledgment of faith in God and his works.
Excerpts from “the law” by Frederick Bastiate – 1801 – 1850 3.20.2013