Male Health
START LOVING YOUR BODY. You must accept yourself for who you are and what you are meant to look like.

The magazines say the perfect man is handsome, tall and muscular. The perfect woman is beautiful, firm, thin, and has large breasts. These perfect people are happy, rich and soul mates. You are put under pressure to have an ideal body image. You want to be happy and rich and their way is the way to get these things. Be like them and you can have all these things also.

Most guys want to be more muscular while woman want to be slimmer and wear a smaller size. Most young people think they are too fat. It’s hard to look into a mirror and only see the negatives.

The media show sexy leggy models with ultra thin calves in their ads for low fat healthy foods. All play on your needs to be glamorous and skinny. You can only be acceptable if you look a certain way. The product promises you success.

Companies use perfect bodies to make you dissatisfied with your body image. They sell you on products that will change that dissatisfaction. When the diet didn’t work, the cream didn’t hide your wrinkles, and the bra doesn’t give you the dreamy bust line, you feel you failed, and your self-esteem sinks rapidly.

An ideal body is not attainable. Your pursuit of the perfect body makes you constantly dissatisfied with your appearance. Put everything in perspective. You must accept yourself for who you are and what you are meant to look like. Be the best and healthiest person you can, and this is the perfect you.

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