Sounds are a form of energy, and can promote healing. Vibrational sounds touch every part and every cell of your body. I Pods have taken over America. Our nation is starving for emotional and spiritual healing. Add singing and humming to your music and restore the disharmony caused by our rapid technological pace of living.

What happens to you emotionally and spiritually affect you physiologically. Music, song, and dance are all linked together, restoring harmony into your body and spirit.

The law of vibration affects your thoughts and feelings. All creation harmonizes the universe in a continuous state of vibration; with molecules vibrating, and plants and humans oscillating in rhythm, resonating with each other. Your entire cosmos is an ocean of sonic waves of vibration.

Your heart, pulse, and lungs are constantly working in rhythm. The sounds you make resonate at a cellular level with your body. The most fundamental aspect of life itself. Is breathing.
Around 560 B.C, Pythagoras a Greek philosopher and mathematician, created the musical scales; he is considered the grandfather of sound music.

Pythagoras was the first to use music for physical and emotional healing, stating that each atom makes a particular sound because of its movement, rhythm and vibration. Creation began with the spoken word and uses sound to communicate and express itself. Your imagination lets you constantly create and interpret all of nature.

All illness is a form of disharmony at both molecular and genetic levels. Often you emotionally refuse to acknowledge your illness and find accepting healing to be difficult. You feel out of synch and out of touch with someone when both of you are not on the same wavelength. Physical illness is similar to a piano out of tune. Any disharmony in one system is reflected in the other.

Your genes, proteins, and receptors govern at the cellular level, every biological action. All your thoughts, feelings, hormonal changes, immune changes, and energy are coordinated biologically and constantly communicate with each other.

By restoring the normal vibration frequency of the diseased part of the body, your body can return to its harmonious state. To make you a unified organism, your mind and body must be fine tuned to recognize the vibration sounds of all your cells and organs, resulting in a homeostatic balance of all your biological systems.

Vibrational sounds touch every part and every cell of your body. Your pulse rate slows, and your breathing again becomes rhythmic. The harmony of your body’s cosmic symphony restores the imbalance in the cells and organs of your disease body.


Music is a powerful form of energy since the beginning of time. Every religion has more prayers sung than spoken, intensifying the connection with the divine power. While doing other things you listen to music for pleasure and relaxation. It is the universal language for all of us. You may not understand the language, but you sure hear and feel it.

Sounds cause feelings in you. It relaxes, inspires, and enlivens you. Awareness of Music therapy has evolved showing that is raised to a place of emotion and feeling.

When you know and feel you are intimately connected with the universe, music can heal you. Listening to music you really love is relaxing, nurturing, uplifting, invigorating, and deeply healing. Music that speaks to you, sparks your imagination, making you feel stimulated and alive.

Your fast pace of living, has separated you from your natural state of being. Ancient healers knew that music bridged the body, soul, and earth. The life force of your body is your vibratory field of energy.

Melody, harmony, rhythm, and tone connect your whole being into a living body of sound. Music, like food, is alive, and affects you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Music is a powerful healing tool that opens your spirit and heals without that intention. When you open up, relax, let go, and pay attention, beautiful music will arouse a strong healing feeling in you.


You may not carry a tune nor have much rhythm, but when you listen to your heart, and feel your breathing in and out, you will know you are in rhythm. Open your mind and heart, sing your simple tune privately, and feel the music energize and heal you.

Singing came before speech. You only need lungs and vocal cords to make sounds. When you speak you also need a mouth and a tongue. Your throat is a physical bridge between your head and heart. Just like deep breathing with yoga slows your heart and pulse, a simple melody with a repetitious beat can energize your entire nervous system.


Chanting synchronizes the brain into a state of relaxation. Its vibrational sounds touch every cell in your body. Chanting turns on your internal opiates that heal your body. Low deep notes with low frequency sounds, used in religious rituals, can change your state of consciousness, making you calm and relaxed.

Mozart musical therapy is used to treat autism, learning disabilities, hearing handicaps, and neuralgic and psychiatric disorders. The music of Mozart can warm up your brain, making your mind more alert and energized.

Sound and breath are one, promoting health and healing. When you chant vowels, your harmonic sounds become charged with higher energy and more vibrations. Monks, for centuries, have awakened their conscious fields and been energized by chanting. Their simple melodious lines, with emphasis on long, slow breaths, serve as their energy food.

Your ear never stops hearing. It has an extra relay, not affected by anesthetics. As early as 4 months, a fetal ear hears low frequency sounds. The ear’s receiving antenna registers everything. Autistic children are helped with musical sounds that awaken their intrauterine stage of development.


Try to discover your voice and sing, as you walk, drive your car, or take a shower. Hear the sound of your own unique harmonious voice. Write your own private and personal song. Play with different sounds in various sequences till you find one that resonates with you.

One example would be: “At her blue home, mom is humming and holding her knee.” All the primitive sounds are included in that sentence.

Sing: Hum the tune: Twinkle, twinkle, little star”, and see how it resonates the child in you. Use your I Pod and hum the song’s melody. Music, singing, and humming are all food for the body as well as the soul.


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