Are you sexually appealing?

Women, fascinated by sex appeal, want and must have it. Sex appeal stimulates your appetite and excitement, but can’t be defined. It doesn’t matter if you are beautiful or ugly, all that is important is that you have sex appeal.

Our cultural prejudices and preferences are constantly changing, as are our fashions. In the past, obesity was recognized as a strong aphrodisiac and sexually stimulating. Perhaps with our national obesity epidemic, obesity may again be promoted as sexually appealing. The media bombards you with confusing product messages on how to improve your sex appeal. Unfortunately, the products often fail to produce.

Americans spend $10 billion on cosmetics, perfumes and beauty supplies annually. The mass media exploits sex appeal. There is no question that looks are important, and beautiful women get better jobs. You are told: “ to look beautiful, you must wear a petite size dress, have a perfect face, large breasts, and beautiful butts. Without the most expensive things, your man will not love you. To get your man, you must have the perfect perfume, shoes, and lipstick.”

The industry targets your body flaws to get you to buy their products. Advertisements assert the negative aspect of your wrinkles and pimples. Yet, makeup can be a barrier to intimacy, since you don’t reveal your true self, until the makeup comes off at night.

Sex appeal may be how you dress or act, your breast or bust size, your narrow hips, your exposed ankles and body, your new tattoos, and the look of your belly button ring. It may be,however, the interest, involvement, and erotic movements you show, that send the message “ you want to have sex”. You enhance your padded bras and artificial bottoms by having plastic surgery. The 4 inch high heeled shoes you bought today tilts your pelvis forward and upward,, and is pleasing to men, but miserable to your feet.

Yet, sex appeal is more than the shape of your legs and size of your breasts. Your social and biologic ability to be stimulating and fascinating are equally important. What you make unavailable, forbidden, or illicit, seem to have special appeal. What you think is appealing to the opposite sex is often not what is really wanted. Your erotic behavior over the short-haul will only keep you in short term sleeping relationships.

Today’s increased nudity, with miniskirts, topless outfits, and now shameless and obscene total nudity, has left little to the male imagination, and has decreased his sexual interest in you.

The media exploits sex appeal as important to winning one’s mate. The kind of perfume, sweat reducer, bodybuilding, and makeup are essential. Potential customers are the young and single, and the focus is on developing infatuation and an overpowering desire for sex. You may be looking for a warm friendly intimate and long-standing relationship, which of course includes sexual activity., but the advertising media has you focus on the impossible dream.

You were taught as a child, that to be appealing to men, you should be passive rather than assertive. Yet you soon discovered that Freud was restricted by ignorance and prejudices of his time, and most men really do like assertive women who don’t sit back and are passive. Your relationship with your father started you thinking about sex appeal. You imitated your mother, and practiced on your dad.

Once you reached puberty, you knew you were a woman. You open up yourself by appealing to all sorts of boys and tried to make yourself attractive. If your dad was appealing, you often look for older men that are appealing. If you’re not sure of yourself, you often seek out younger men. as

Everyone talks about the sexual revolution, yet premarital sex was very common after World War I during the roaring 20s. The same openness about sex then is seen now in our everyday life and dress. A man is attracted to you when you show good and deep interpersonal vibes. Since men are constantly under sexual tension, they are aroused by seeing nude or partially nude females. Not so with you: you still love to cross examine, qualify your mate, first,--- physical contact can come later.

What makes a man attractive to you? It may be his body, his ability to get close to you, his warmth, freedom, or ability to love you. Your moods and feelings about finding Mr. Perfect changes from day to day. To open a dialogue with men, you find great makeup is essential. Today not wearing makeup is certainly very noticeable, yet over doing it also create attention. You can be pretty without makeup, and certainly are more successful without heavy makeup. The media however, tells you that wearing makeup daily will make you feel good, that would and enhance the beauty God gave you.

How you talk and behave contribute to your sexual appeal. A man is very sensitive and pleased with sweet words and supportive remarks. The man you meet at a party may see you as totally beautiful and want to make love to you. However, once you open your mouth and cross examine him with questions like:” What future would we have together? Do you have a job? How much do you earn? How many kids do you have? Are you still married?” -- can turn him off and be very self-defeating.


Sex appeal it is necessary to ensure our society continues and our species multiplies. Where would you be if men did not appreciate, admire or complements you? If you had no need for feminine pride, could you still be a good mother to your son, or a model for your daughter? What kind of man would marry you, if he was the only appealing man you ever saw?

A few years ago, a man who used perfume was thought to be effeminate. Not so today! Your man’s sexual appeal is also exploited by the media. To enhance his sexuality, he now must have the perfect hairstyle, deodorant, and body smell. He is told that primitive smells can repel or attract women.

Sex appeal is also dependent on your feelings and interest in nonsexual factors such as books, attractiveness, and seductiveness. Once you have nonsexual problems with money, petty grievances, and boredom, your sexual interest disappears and and your relationship often busts up.

The need for sex has been exaggerated. No one today dramatizes sex for its procreative purposes. The stress is on meeting man’s needs and satisfactions, and not for procreative purposes. Sex is the only biological function that a man can sexually be deprived or abandon, without injuring himself physically or psychologically, and still live a productive life.

The media, sells “ beauty” only to single young people. It does not try to maintain relationships, nor promote seductive fashions for the 50-year-old man or woman. Only young people can have fulfilling activities. The middle-aged sexually appealing relationship of your parents, despite maintaining quality and quantity that you envy,, cannot possibly be sexual appealing.

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