Weight loss news

Sleep more and lose more fat
if you get a full nights sleep, half the weight you lose will be fat. If you sleep less than this, only 25% of your weight loss will be fat with the other 75% being valuable protein, building blocks of muscle, and other body tissues. It seems there is a hormone called ghrelin, that stimulates you to be hungry and promotes fat retention. Sleep loss amplifies these hormonal changes. The reason there is more fat loss, is due to increased conversion of your body protein into sugar to support your more prolonged metabolic needs of your waking brain. The moral is besides exercising and dieting, sleep will help you lose more weight. Annals of internal medicine, October 2010

many people who lose weight gain it all back — and more.: Among the keys to keeping the weight off: Weighing yourself regularly and walking about an hour a day or burning the equivalent calories doing other physical activities. Pay really close attention to what you eat and stay active.

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