Sexual freedom has become a drug for the discontented. Sex has become a religion. It is more powerful than prayer, fellowship or religious experience. The sexual revolution of the 1960’s resulted in today’s sexual exhaustion. However it did not supply the stability needed.

We learned everything from all the magazines videos movies and TV. The TV programmed mind is not a free mind. Nothing sells unless it is sexy. Sex is a disposable commodity in America. We cannot in our private lives experience sex as an intimate pleasure.

Today sex is consumed and lovers are thrown away as soon as one gets old or it becomes inconvenient. We were kept ignorant of the function of sex beyond the reproductive influence and pleasure of sex. Our sexual instincts enslave us.

We think we know what we want; we get it, and realize something is missing. Sex often generates conflict in our lives. Our sexual energy must be channeled to a spiritual transformation.

Good sex integrates the subtle energies needed to get a balance of opposing energies (yin and yang). The aim of sex is to enjoy a deep pleasure that reaches total body and soul orgasm not just genital orgasm. It is not our goal to satisfy the human ego and all its desires. The object of sex is to quiet the ego, calm the mind, and allow the body’s energies to rise to a higher level of awareness
The most accessible energy in nature is the sexual attraction between man and woman. In our bodies are stored sperm and ovarian energy. When this energy is released, our body fluids (essence) transform it to a higher level of energy.

Sexual energy is constantly generated in the body. The sexual capacity diminishes with age. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed.

One must transform negative energy into positive energy and good feelings. Sexual energy is the easiest energy to transform. Men lose energy from ejaculation and women lose energy from menstruation


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