During orgasm, the act of love is an act of respiration. Yin exhales and yang inhales.


1. Sacral point
Man at base of penis and pubic bone; woman at top of vagina.
As orgasm approaches, put both hands on buttocks at coccyx area and pull up anus and vagina.

2. Kidney point
Hold partner’s little fingers (heart and small intestine points begin and end at this point.) For premature ejaculation, put hands on hips to prevent energy drainage of the kidneys.

3. Adrenal point
To enhance low sexual energy, put heel of both palms on lower ribs at top of pelvis

4. Liver and spleen points
Place hands on lower tip of wing bones.

5. Heart and Lung points
Place hands between the scapula and spine 6.C7 Point
Put hands at base of neck. This is the passage way of many meridians.

7. Neck point
Put hand on back of neck and the other hand over the sacrum.

8. Energizing point (the Jade pillow)
Put one hand on base of skull and the other hand over the sacrum

9. Crown point
Top of head In foreplay, put one hand over the sacrum with middle finger at tip of coccyx and let the other hand roam along all the other points starting at pelvis and proceeding to top of head.

Energize using eyes, nose and tongue. Look at your partner’s eyes. They are like magnets drawing or pulling from each other. Rub noses and feel the sparks. Move tongue into partner’s mouth. These all help join the flow of energy.

During orgasm, the act of love is an act of respiration. Yin exhales and yang inhales. Partners coordinate their breathing putting an ear to partner’s nose and feel partner breathing. As you exhale, feel the yin entering partner as partner inhales.

On inhaling, man feels yin power going to the penis. A woman feels the yang power from the penis going to her G spot (at top of vagina). Feel the energy traveling up to your crown.

To stop premature ejaculation, push down as if having a bowel movement. Have partner make ring with her fingers around testes, pulling downward. Man counts to 100 and does the big draw.(as in previous male exercises).

Tongue is placed against upper palate. This generates saliva and is the link to the pituitary gland. Toes are curled back and fists become clenched. Penis is withdrawn to the opening of the vagina.

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