Some people complain about lack of enough vaginal pressure during sex. They desire increased contact of the penile shaft with the vaginal mucosa.

Several techniques have been employed:
When the woman is astride her partner and tilts her torso backward a bit in the direction of her partner’s feet, there will be increased pressure on the penis.

The woman simply draws her legs together inside the man’s legs and this increases pressure.

A woman may place her fingers on her labia during sex to exert pressure on the penis as it moves.

Variety in positions has often resulted in filling the vagina and thus making a man a better lover.

Encircle the root of the moving penis during sex with the thumb and index fingers of the female.

Sustaining firm digital pressure at the penile root maybe applied by the female for 10-15 seconds without moving or dismounting.

This is an alternate method to the application of pressure by the female’ thumb and first two finger at the coronal ridge of the penis to prevent premature ejaculation. These arts were practiced by the ancient Hindus.

The size of the penis or vagina has no effect in increasing vaginal pressure on the penis. When erect, all penises are virtually the same size.

The vagina also dilates and mobilizes in which all woman fit. The vagina adjusts to penile size in diameter and length to accommodate the penis of the longest and largest ranged male.

When statements as “Perhaps I’m too big.” Or “I have stretched.", represents a general dissatisfaction with sex and is a camouflage of marital discord.

The man must understand that it is not physiologically natural for the woman to remain tight. During sexual excitement it is natural to become lubricated.

When a man’s ego is dependent on the size of his penis then the snugger the opening, the better the man he thinks he is, and so he believes a tight vagina is desirable.

When a woman looks at her partner for the first time and says ‘My goodness, isn’t that big! Isn’t that going to hurt me?, the man takes that as a compliment, which is a sign of our sexual culture.

The same is true of a girl with large breast and an intact vagina, but these are not the things that make this person a permanent sex partner. It’s feeling and caring and being able to receive pleasure from each other that counts.

Each must communicate well with the other and have a loving feeling for the other. The size of the penis or the vagina will have absolutely nothing to do with their enjoyment of each other.


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