True feeling come out in a nonverbal way. Don't bypass your soul mate.

People who are sexually frustrated fell unworthy, rejected, inadequate, and have low self-esteem.

When you can’t bear the pain that you are undesirable, you blow up that you lack sex. As a defense mechanism you blame your partner for being frigid and inadequate. This increases your frustration and you fear failing. This makes you withdraw from wanting or having sex.

They are generally unsatisfactory despite it being very common in our society. Your gratification is limited as you attempt to restore confidence in your own attractiveness or sexual capacity. Hence you look for Viagra and Cialis for help. Guilt often accompanies these affairs and makes the affair less pleasureable.

Sure there are times when you become frustrated when sex falls short of your sexual expectation when you or your partner climax at different times or one of you may not be ready for sex.

When sex is not followed by sexual release, chronic frustration results. You may be anxious and uncomfortable about your sexuality. As a male you may be frustrated if your partner only sees sex as bad, dirty, painful, or fulfilling a need to procreate.

You may be frustrated to show control over your partner. If you feel a sense of unworthiness, you sure cant get gratification with someone you truly love.

Frustration can still exist despite orgasm. It results in seeking sex with other partners. Often one will seek a nurturing partner when depressed, to fill the painful void.

Some men purposely fail to reach orgasm in an attempt to deny power to his mate. Another reason for Viagra or Cialis.

A woman may say: “I will not allow you to bring me to orgasm because your penis is too short. The man responds ‘you are not stimulating enough to inspire an erection or ejaculation in me”.


You may wonder why they have trouble finding your soul mate, but indirectly you may be broadcasting indirectly non-verbal cues that you are bored or disinterested. Here are things to look for.

Vagueness is a great advantage when courting. The rules still prohibit direct invitations. A woman may try desperately to communicate by smiling, standing closer than usual to you and accidently brushing her hand against your body.

Courtship also involves vague body language, like glances, smiles, or choosing to sit next to you. Girls know what you many mean but she has a choice to reject you if she is not interested in you.

The first physical contact changes the relationship from being social to being sexual. Often a noncommittal way of touching, by helping you up the stairs or by dancing, which allows each of you to touch and keep touching.

Sitting next to you side by side and turning inward to you allows your date to close out other people. If she likes you, she may sit in an open position with arms and legs uncrossed.

Women go to great trouble to flatter their figures and best display their bodies. Since society still insists we cover our genitals, they get around this by wearing tight sweaters and pants to clearly outline their breasts and genitals.

If a woman likes you, she may smooth her hair, or straighten her sweater or pants, and even blush.

Look at the face! True feeling come out in a nonverbal way and are betrayed by gestures rather than facial expression. A gaze that is held may signal sexual interest, by gazing down your body. Attention is paid to its target.

Pay attention to all this and you will not bypass your potential soul mate. Good luck.


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