Tom get well change your lifestyle and choose your doctor carefully. Eliminate the words that lower your self-esteem. Cannot, will not, should, but, and try should not be part of your vocabulary. Don't link symptoms with growing old. Create a positive mental image and positive ideas in your head. Ideas become self-fulfilled prophecies. "I am getting better each day."

Remember healing is a process not a result. Once your chest pain is gone, the problem may still exist. Taking medications for every symptom can block nature's mechanisms to keep us well.

Refuse to accept certain conditions as life long problems that require ongoing medications forever (unlike what many western physicians try to tell you). Every symptom is not an illness and every change in our body function is not sickness. Coughing, diarrhea, fever and vomiting may be the body's attempt to rid toxins and bacteria from the body and is the body's way to rid itself of disease.

Getting well is a process, not a quick fix and takes time. Being sick does not happen suddenly. You have an inflamed throat long before you have a fever and a sore throat. You heal yourself from the inside out. You know you are healing when the pain comes less often, is less severe and lasts a shorter time. Be patient. Nature does the healing. Antibiotics lower the bacterial count so the body can fight off the remaining bacteria. Acupuncture raises the resistance and the need for antibiotics diminishes.

CHANGES IN THE STRESS LEVELS makes it difficult for the body to stabilize its energy (jet lag, death of a member of the family). When stressful events are over and the pressure is off, that’s the time you may become sick. This abrupt change makes you more vulnerable to an accident. Acupuncture helps reestablish balance and prevent such illnesses.

CHOOSING YOUR DOCTOR is also important. Your doctor should show love, joy, and compassion. He should impart the view that nothing is hopeless or impossible. If not, seek another doctor.