More than one third of women lose significant hair in their lifetime. It is very emotional to the patient and often underplayed by doctors. When you find the reason, you solve the problem!

Hair is the second fastest growing tissue of the body next to bone marrow. It may be the first system of disease.
Background: The scalp has 100,000 hairs.

Ninety percent of these are actively growing. They are anchored in the fat under the skin and are not easily pulled out. Hair is constantly regenerating on the scalp. Each hair shaft lasts 3-7 years, falling out and replaced by a new hair.


The scalp loses 100 hairs a day. One can lose 300 hairs a day after major surgery, rapid weight loss, nutritional deficiency, high fevers, hemorrhages, or hormonal changes as thyroid. It is also seen after starting new medications. Hair loss lasts up to 6 months after removing the cause.

Localized hair loss (alopecia areata) is seen as round patches. It frequently is reversible. It is thought to be autoimmune. It can also be caused by severe bacterial infections, fungus infection, or hair pulling and braiding.

If other hairy areas (as eyebrows, eyelashes, pubic, armpits, or body hair) are losing hair it is usually a systemic cause, as thyroid dysfunction, new medication, surgery, after a baby, or some illness. It can also occur in strict vegetarian diets and iron deficiency.

When you find the reason, you solve the problem!

NEJM ]OCT 18, 2007

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