Salt removes excess acidity from body cells, and is essential for survival. It is an important dietary supplement. Salt, water, and potassium (K) regulate the water content of the body. Potassium (K) is present in the cells and holds water in them. (K is readily available in foods.)

Sodium (Na) is also needed in the daily diet and balances the water outside the cell. K controls water in the cells and Na controls water outside the cells.

Salt is a natural antihistamine and anti-stress element. It is needed to remove excess acidity from the cells through the urine via the kidneys.

Salt also preserves seratonin and melatonin levels. Muscle tone and strength are maintained by sodium. Sodium helps supply oxygen to cells,

increases the blood circulation, and decreases the acidity in the blood. Sodium is vital for sleep regulation, and also balances sugar levels.

Sodium helps absorb good particles from the bowels and clears mucous and congestion from the lungs.

Excess saliva, and muscle cramping are prevented by adequate salt intake. It helps seratonin and melatonin levels for sense of well being, maintains libido, and helps bones stay firm.

The body needs 3-4 grams of salt for every 10 glasses of water. This amounts to one half teaspoon of salt daily. Sea salt has 80 minerals and is the preferred salt for ingestion.

One can add salt to juices. This balances the Na-K ratio and makes the juices sweeter.

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