Many rich people have a terrible feeling of emptiness.

Being wealthy is not as much fun as you may think. You’d probably enjoy sex less. The very rich lack a sense of meaning about their sexual lives.

Often there is a vacuum in most other activities. Many rich people have a terrible feeling of emptiness. Money enables the parents to be away a great deal. There are substitutes in the form of maids and boarding school.

In this absence of consistent parenting, lack of interest, and change in parenting figures there is withdrawal, depression, distrust and boredom. Sex is used to pursue pleasure and to strike back at the parents, to feel more alive and to relieve depression.

Young boys grow up with video sexual toys, seeing bare breast, pubic hair in erotic photographs in store magazines. A more relaxed attitude about sex is present. Whether a true sense of freedom results from society’s current acceptance of these signs of freedom is not clear.

Fewer inhibitions and a greater sense of freedom surely make for a happier life. But greater freedom goes hand in hand with less importance. The very rich have much more casual, accepting and less exciting attitudes.

The middle class has a greater capacity to enjoy sex than the very wealthy. They can never be as free and casual about sex as the very rich.

Sex is more valued and important and that which has value cannot be given or taken lightly. The constant experiences of the middle class reinforce a sense of heading somewhere and moving in an important direction.

Dating, serious involvement and marriage and parenthood are all gratifying. Sex always plays an extremely important role. Love is inextricably linked with self-esteem and has meaning and hope.
As more people jump from middle to upper class understanding the changes that occurs can help us in better caring for out future generation.

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