Teen Health Snippets

BOOBS at seven years of age
Overweight girls are likely to have boobs by seven or eight years of age. It is a sign of hormonal exposure. Body fat can produce sex hormones and environmental chemicals that act like estrogen, and speed up puberty. Estrogen compounds are also found in antibacterial soaps, anti-stain fabrics, furniture, and foods like chicken and red meat.

A girl needs Some body fat to start menstruating. Malnourished girls have delay puberty. Blacks and Hispanic girls mature faster than the weight girls. Socially, it’s hard to have a child’s mind in a woman’s body that is not ready to deal with sexual advances from boys, and even cope with spiking emotions and sexual impulses. The consoling factor is, menstruation has stayed steady between 12 and 13 years of age.

Binge drinking
if you ever drank more than six alcoholic drinks on one occasion, you are a binge drinker. Your cardiovascular risks jump up, especially if you have high blood pressure. One consoling factor, you don’t have any increased risk of stroke. Source stroke 8.19.10

Cervical Cancer vaccine

Some parents have opted not to have their daughter get the vaccine, which protects against a sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancers, over concerns about the shot’s safety. The study found no increase in eight potential problems: Guillain Barre Syndrome, fainting, blood clots, seizures, appendicitis, stroke, a dangerous allergic reaction called anaphylaxis or transverse myelitis, a type of spinal cord inflammation, according to the CDC.
About 6% of these reports concerned serious problems, including 27 deaths Several of the deaths, for example, were actually related to diabetes, heart failure or drug use.
Source; CDC

There is a perception that after 13, parents lose control over their kids and kids listen to the peer group. But the more teen-agers feel loved by their parents and are comfortable in their schools, the less likely they will have early sex, smoke, take drugs and alcohol, or do violent things.

Researchers found if parent expect their kids to get good grades and refrain from sex, it greatly influences their behavior regardless of money, race or single or dual parent status. Kids often are good at convincing us that whatever we say is irrelevant to there lives and we turn around and believe it.

The health and well being of teenagers still rests in the strong feeling that their parents care about them. Kids want a sense of belonging, that their teacher care about them, and that their teachers are fair.
Parents, you do matter in your kid’s lives.
Source; JAMA, Resnick, 9-09-97

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