Too much sunshine can cause early aging.

Sun worshipping may be dangerous to your health.

Aging is not so much diet, exercise or heredity.
Of the many theories about aging, none consider sunlight.
The long-lived biblical patriarchs, as Methuselah, lived in a
different environment. They were shielded from strong
sunlight by a canopy of ice that let them live long lives.
They had the secret magic bullet to longevity. The bible
gives clues to man’s early life on this planet.

What happened? First the water separated with water
below the earth and water above the sky’s canopy of ice.
There was insufficient sunlight and rain could not form.
The flood occurred as the windows of the heavens opened.
and the ice canopy broke up. With strong sunlight visible,
the first rainbow was seen. Ten generations after Noah,
the stars appeared.

It is scientifically accepted that the surface of the earth once
was 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. It was an extremely hot surface
. But the question is “Where was the water?” Asimov in his
book “Science” poised the same question.

When the earth was so hot, only 50 miles above the earth the
temperature was far below zero, over one hundred degrees below
zero. . Prior to the floods, there were no cave carvings of sun,
moon, or rainbows. It is assumed that there was a frozen filamen
t of ice in the clouds that filtered strong sunlight, moon, and
rainbows. The water on the earth was in the sky.

A canopy of ice was over the earth, out of reach of the pull of
gravity. It could not rain because there was not enough sunlight
to pull vapors up into the air. Rainbows need bright sunlight to form.
Today we have become an enclosed society. Stadiums are domed.

Tennis and sport events are held often inside. Buildings are using
more glass. We screen the sun with sun block lotions. We use
polarized sunglasses.

How do we age?

Wrinkles and cataracts are influenced by sunlight.

We use ultraviolet light to kill germs and bacteria and kill life,
and million of us love sun bathing. We age where we are most
exposed, on our face neck, and hands. Our fingernails grow ten
times faster than our toenails because of more sun exposures.

The fastest growing cells are on the top of your head, excess
sun causes dandruff flakes. Ten percent of your blood is always
in your skin at all time and affected by ultraviolet rays. One
square inch of your skin has 19 feet of blood vessels. We start with
79 million cells and over time water temporarily replaces the
many lost cells. As we age, millions of cells are dying and we
lose weight. We become like waterlogged Swiss cheese.

Where do most of the oldest people in the world live?
In the mountains! Mountains run north and south, and the sun
rises in the east and sets in the west. People live in the valleys
of the mountains that shade and protect them from the sun and

Utah has the oldest average age in the nation because they are
next to the continental divide. Men die earlier than women
because their hobbies and work are outside, while woman work
and have indoor hobbies. Hunting, fishing, golfing and work
occupations cause men to spend more time out of doors.
Northerners live longer than people in warm climates, since they
are further from the sun and protected from the sun.

Swedes and Icelanders have long life spans while the people at
the equator have the lowest life expectancies. Animals like
turtles and elephants live a long time because they have thick hide.
Why do burrowing animals and bats that avoid sunlight live longer?
Once the industrial revolution came, we work indoors and our life
spans have doubled from 40 years in 1900 to 80 years today.

People who work indoors like musicians, doctors; CPA’s all
outlive today’s farmers. Our doubling in life expectancy in this
last decade is due to Henry Ford and the automobile. The auto
reflects 98% of ultraviolet light. The car has a roof and windows.

We live inside our houses and in air conditioning; we work in a
building and return home to spend the evening inside their house.
We get less sunlight than ever before, and our radiation is reduced.
Your body shrinks and loses weight as you age.

Aging is the slow loss of cells. It is the loss of strength, loss
of mobility, loss of immunity, loss of perception, loss of memory
and finally loss of life itself.


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